Bintelcorp is a consortium conformed by recognized software companies in USA and Central America with certified developers.


We develop, implement and support customized solutions

Adoption Practices

Our Vision is to unleash the power of human potential with the right use of technology to delivering customer business objectives. We aim to deliver the best adoption practices by offering: Customer Success Manager practice, virtual or in-situ and a rich web platform tool kit, including webinars, videos, templates, surveys and analytics, in any device, anytime.

Web Services

Our team is specialized in creating the interfaces that will allow access between requests over client-server model on the cloud, making communications among systems efficient and reliable.


The front page of any company is a great website. From the idea, the mockups, the design options, up to the implementation we walk with you. Our team is ready to develop your ideas and create sites that are mobile friendly and of course, customer friendly as well.

Mobile Apps

Apps are the perfect companions for systems, altogether from the backend, database, internal-use software, front-end website to any mobile device, we understand its importance and that is why we work hard to make the slickest, efficient, user-friendly apps as possible. 

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Business Plan to launch Start-up App for Luxury Hotel Guests, 2017

Digital Factory

Financial Model to Launch Internet Service Provider in Cancun, Mexico, 2016


Market Analysis and Internet Commercial Strategy for Luxury Hotels in Cancun, Mexico Markets, 2016

Systems Analysis for Process Automation in Wholesale and Voice Carrier Division, 2017

Cable & Wireless

System Analysis and Implementation Web Services Quotation Platform for Multinational Markets – 2015

Private – Access by demand

Columbus Networks

Market Analysis and Commercial Strategy for Cancun, Mexico Markets, 2016



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